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Features of Sunbe Solarium / Tanning Studio control

Sunbe was planned and developed together with the tanning salon operator. Due to a modern system and the administration by the Behires group, continuous updates are guaranteed.

Solarium / Tanning studio control

Control your solariums, store a lead time, duration & follow-up time. Process customer visits automatically and put your visitors on hold.

Cash register

Sunbe also covers the software with an integrated cash register according to the american standard.

Branch / Store control

Keep your stores at a glance, the activity of your customers and your sunbeds follow. Control and manage your data centrally..

Warehouse management

Keep an inventory tracking with a warehouse management and always keep an overview of the products and their stocks.

Customer management

Manage your customers. Allow your visitors to track their activities via the app and manage their credit.

Customer loyalty & credit

Sell credit to your customers and get them returning visits. Link Sunbe to the bonus program and reach your customers via push messages.

Statistics & evaluations

Evaluate your sales and processes, track everything down to the smallest detail.

User administration

Manage your employees, user rights and track activities without restriction.

Cloud storage

Your data is stored centrally in the cloud (in Munich, DE), so you can access your branches and sunbeds from anywhere at any time.

Offline availability

If the Internet fails, you can continue to work without restrictions. A subsequent booking takes place automatically.

Sound & Music

Sunbe also supports sound systems, so the studio or individual booths can be individually recorded.

Customer monitor

Connect a monitor or television to Sunbe and give your customer an overview of available cabins and queues.


Sunbe supports over 5 languages. Thus, the operation can be made easier for your employees.

Function preparations

Sunbe has preparations for e.g. access management, camera surveillance, light settings and much more.


Sunbe has a complete REST API and is therefore compatible with second and third software.


Sunbe is operated by the Behires Group (Behires Services GmbH) based in Vienna, AT and provides 24/7 support.

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